Hi-Tech Stain and Seal


Epoxy/Quartz/Chip Floors

epoxy floor quartz floor chip floor woodbury tn murfreesboro tnEpoxy floors come in many forms. The most popular are chip floors and solid color. They are extremely durable and a great solution for providing beautiful protection for your garage and other interior floors. Epoxy floors require grinding and profiling to get proper adhesion and long lasting results, make sure this is going to be part of the application process regardless of the company you choose.

Wood Staining & Sealing

deck fence gazebo wood staining and sealing middle tnMost "stains" and "sealers" available are terrible products because they chip or flake. This is because they are topical paint, not truly a stain or sealer. We use ONLY penetrating oil stains for our wood projects. This means a beautiful long lasting finish with no flaking or peeling(because it is in the wood, not on the wood) and easy future maintenance.

Paver Sanding & Sealing

paver sanding and sealing murfreesboro tn brentwood tn franklin tn manchester tn woodbury tnPaver sealing is a specialized services and requires the proper penetrating sealers to enhance the color, lock the sands joints, and prevent weed growth. Please understand that if someone is offering to put acrylic and other non water based type sealers on your pavers that you are likely to encounter delamination and failing surface.

Services Offered:
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